Silk'n Blue Acne

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Blue light acne device
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Silk'n Blue Acne Description



Silk’n Blue – Effective Unisex treatment for acne – for great-looking skin now!

The Silk’n Blue system is a handheld LED light emitting device which targets acne via light therapy. Silk’n Blue is safe for home use to stop acne from appearing, as well as promoting skin healing. Used correctly Silk’n Blue can help make your skin healthy giving it an attractive glow.


•The Silk’n Blue device is clinically tested

•Silk’n Blue has been endorsed by dermatologists and medical professionals

•The Silk’n Blue device is simple to use and extremely safe

•The light used by Silk’n Blue operates on a 414nm wavelength - blue light which kills skin bacteria

•Silk’n Blue, if used in accordance with the user manual, will achieve desired results, by destroying the bacteria which causes acne. The blue light reduces the emergence of new blemishes

•Noticeable results can be seen in as little as 5 weeks after treatment has finished

•The Silk’n Blue Acne treatment system has an inbuilt safety guard which protects delicate skin, plus a temp sensor. This ensures that the Blue will never cause the skins surface temperature to go above 40̊ C/104̊F

•All acne prone areas of the face or body can be treated with the Silk’n Blue

Users may experience a warm sensation during treatment, a feeling which is to be expected and should only last for around an hour after treatment has finished.

Silk’n Blue Specifications:

1 Year Warranty

Weight: 1.6lb (0.8kg)

Dimensions: 7.2 inches X 17.8 cm (Length) x 4.2 inches X 10.5cm (Width) x 7.2 inches X 17.8cm (Height)


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