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Silk'n Edge™ 

Silk'n Edge™ from Home Skinovations Ltd. is the newest high tech unwanted hair removal gadget for men. It provides an easy, good value and unbeatable light-based laser treatment from the comfort of your own home. With more 3 years of experience and a globally growing group of male users, the family product Silk'n SensEpil™ is fast becoming a top seller, bringing you the best value for one's grooming buck. Using Silk’n Edge™ will help you attain long-term unwanted hair removal for the summer months ahead.

Time costs cash!

Silk’n Edge™ is the most efficient device on the male unwanted hair removal market! Our unwanted hair removal surface area (the area that is zapped each time) is 6 times larger than the next best self-treatment hair device on the market. When using Silk’n Edge™ on an area as extensive as your leg, this can save you a big amount of time! You can self-treat a leg in around 10 minutes and don't need to wait long between pulses or for any batteries to recharge – you get treated in an instant!

Save, don’t shave

During a whole lifetime, the cost of shaving can really add up. You can spend over $10,000 on razor blades, creams and lotions. Silk'n Edge™ offers you great value for money. For a one-off price of $459 plus some extra for an occasional cartridge replacement, it offers life-long value and long-lasting results.

Wave goodbye to waxing

Shaving is a time consuming, messy grooming ritual that men endure for hair-free skin. Silk'n Edge™ is the more simple, pleasant and affordable option. After just several weeks, sustained unwanted hair removalresults can be attained, and shaving or waxing can be long forgotten.

Take control, do it yourself

The price of a Silk'n Edge™, plus the odd replacement cartridge every now and again, is a small proportion of the price charged for a several laser unwanted hair removal treatments at a professional clinic and no appointment is necessary. It’s the most efficient way to achieve laser-like unwanted hair removal results from the comfort of your home.

Silk'n Edge™ is the cost effective way to save time and achieve hairless, smooth skin. And with the money you save on using Silk'n Edge™ to remove unwanted hair, you can afford to spend your cash on the things you really enjoy.

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