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Silk'n BellaLite is an effective and convenient way to banish excess hair, suitable for use by both men and women. The attractive and compact hand held device is based on the same HPL technology utilized by a previous world leading hair removal product – the Silk'n Bellalite. This means you can expect the same exceptional results which millions of users have reported worldwide.

FDA Cleared and Recommended by Physicians

The BellaLite is fully accredited by The FDA, and comes highly recommended by skin care experts and clinicians. When used in concordance with the manufacturer's instructions, BellaLite users can expect to see outstanding results in as little as three or four treatments.

How does the Silk'n BellaLite Work?

The BellaLite system has been designed to work in conjunction with the hair growth cycle. Hair has three stages of growth and hairs are only active on one of those stages – and this is when the BellaLite treatment process will be effective. Although at first – as with any hair removal device which uses light based technology – hair may seem to be re-growing, in actual fact, hairs have been weakened and will soon fall out. Real results will soon be seen after only three or four sessions of treatment, spaced two weeks apart.

What Can I do to get the Best Results?

In order to see quick and effective results, hair must be shaved prior to treatment and the treatment area should be clean. It's important to note that waxing should be avoided beforehand as this will hamper treatment. In order to speed up efficacy the energy levels on the unit need to be increased steadily on each targeted area, by unlocking each subsequent level as treatment progresses. After treating the areas at two week intervals for three or four sessions, monthly treatment is recommended to maintain good results.

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