Laser Hair Removal Technology

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Pulsed Based Unwanted Hair Removal

The treatment of HPL/IPL/Laser for unwanted hair removal is already known and proven. The Silkn is clinically proven and used worldwide in more than 28 countries. This technology is known for more than 14 years as effective and safe way for long-term unwanted hair removal.


Pulse-based hair epilation works on the principle of chosen photothermolysis by using light energy to prevent hair growth. To achieve this, certain hairs choose to take in energy generated from the laser light and convert it to heat. This specific selection occurs when the light energy that reaches the hair, is high and mostly effected by pigment in the hairs, while the skin as the rest of the treated area are cooled down (by the Silk'n cooling system). At that time the pigments inside the hair which responsible for taking in the light now causes heat that finally prevents the hair from growing. When we achieved preventing of hair growth, then long-termunwanted hair removal is attained.


Home Pulsed Light™ (HPL)

Silkn Edge™ is a self-treatment light-based unit for the sustained removal of hair for a long period of time. The Silk'n Edge™ based on HPL/IPL which is patented by Home Skinovations Ltd and work with light pulses. HPL technology includes a unique audio-based system which is a big improvment compare to any regular method of light hair removal, allowing long term unwanted hair removal using a medium light level energy with no necessity to cool the skin down.

Before Pulsed Light session:
The hair is healthy with exhibiting regular growth.

During Pulsed Light for unwanted hair removal:
flash light mixed with sound is taken in by the hairs and hair growth is prevented.

Instantly After Pulsed Light:
Energy is taken in by the hairs. the other tissue will keep at a cool temperature so now hair removal is obtained.

Hair Growth Cycle

Every single hair on our body goes through a few cycle & stages of hair growth: Anagen, Catagen,Telogen. These phases influence how effective pulsed light hair removal is.


Anagen is the stage when the hair is growing, while Telogen and Catagen, are the resting stages for the hair.

Anagen phaseCatagen phaseTelogen phase

A full cycle of hair growth varies from men to men and women to women, but usually 17-25 months. by any time the majority of the hair follicles in every skin spot are in the resting stage. The resting stages of the hairs cannot be affected by the HPL or Laser hair removal treatments unlike hairs in the growing Anagen stage which will be effected. It's important to know that it may take up to full hair growth cycle to see the final results when using any HPL/Laser hair removal device.

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