About Silk'n Edge™

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Unwanted hair Removal


The Silk'n™ family products are FDA cleared and recommended by the best doctors as hair removal device that uses light pulses for easy and safe unwanted hair removal at your home.


Silk'n™ family introduces now Silk'n Edge™, the new generation for long term unwanted hair removal devices for men. This cutting edge device not only provides extra comfort and safe, but it also has the largest possible treatment area of 6cm2 per flashlight. This impressive upgrade makes it the most efficient male hair removal device on the market.


Professional unwanted hair removal in a clinic or salon will cost around $1500 and $2800 for one area of the body. Silk'n for Men provides easy and safe, efficiency and results of a professional treatment for less than a half of the price. Start using Silk'n Edge for all your body areas with privacy at your home.


Silk’n Edge™ is the new device for men for home. this unwanted hair removal device has the largest treatment area (6cm2) per flash. Put your safety first and start treating today!


Home Pulsed Light (IPL/HPL) The New Unwanted Hair Removal Device

Silk'n Edge™ utilizes the most advanced HPLTechnology which is safe, efficiant, destroys and seeks unwanted hair. Home pulsed light has been highly successful and providing with best results the long term unwanted hair removal results for men, leaving the skin hair free and smooth.
It's very important to understand about IPL/HPL, and how it works on your skin. As for any IPL/HPL or laserunwanted hair removal device, results never appear immediate and may take a few sessions. The hair may appear and grow back after a session, but typically, after three weeks most of the hair will simply fall out. Scientific research shows that hair grows in a few different stages so only hair in an active growth stage will be affected by any IPL/HPLunwanted hair removal treatment (whether at the clinic or at home). For this reason, you might need multiple Silk'n for Men treatments to achieve your desired result.


Click here for more information about IPL/HPL.


Features and Benefits:

Silk'n Edge™ is the new modern IPL/HPL device for male self hair removal. Safe, easy to use and cost effective, Silk'n for Men achieves top clinical results while you get privacy, personal convenience.

Dermatologists Recommended

Silk'n Edge™ is FDA proven and was tested by top doctors and dermatologists who confirmed that Silk'n Edge for Men is safe to use, easily to operate at home.

Clinically Proven

The IPL/HPL technology has been designed to have most clinical benefits of flash light for unwanted hair removal at home. In clinical studies lasted over more then a year, top Doctors and dermatologists found that Silk'n Edge™ achieved top hair removal results.

The Treatment

The Silk'n has the largest treatment area and quick repetition rate, Silk'n for Men provides fast, effective, male unwanted hair removal treatment at home. An entire male chest and sholers can be treated in 10-30 minutes.

Minimal Discomfort

When using the Edge according to manual, Silk'n for Men treatments are found to cause minimal discomfort compared to any other hair removal solution such as professional laser treatments or waxing.

Cost Effective

Using Silk'n Edge™ will save you money if to compare solutions like professional laser clinics / treatments, shaving and waxing.

Privacy at Home

The top benefits of Silkn for Men IPL/HPL technology is the fact that you can enjoy using the device in your privacy at your home, whenever the time is good for you.