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What men say about the Silk'n Edge™ hair removal device:

Treatment of Silk'n Edge™ on the chest: “I used Silk’n Edge™ for about two and a half months and did four treatments in total. Although it took time, I was really pleased with the end results. So far, my chest is hair free and smooth. It makes me feel good about myself and my girlfriend is pretty happy with the results too!’
Steve, 28, New York
The ease of a Silk'n Edge treatment: 
"I have been using Silk’n Edge™ on my neck and shoulders. I have given myself a treatment about once every two weeks for the past couple of months. I am definitely starting to see less and less hair. Right now, it only grows back in small patches and when it does, it’s very fine. Using Silk’n Edge™ is so much easier that shaving or waxing.”
Adam, 25, San Francisco
■Saving money with Silk'n Edge: I have always had quite a hairy back and have spent countless sessions at the male grooming parlor spending money on painful and time-consuming waxing treatments which would always give me a bad rash. Since using Silk’n Edge™, not only have a saved the time and money on a professional treatment, but I can do it (with the help of my wife) from the comfort of my own home. And it really works. My back is almost totally hair free now. 
Richard, 38, California■"I've had two laser treatments in an office setting, but I was just too busy to continue them. My girlfriend bought Silkn Edge™, and we both use it regularly. My personal goal is to get rid of the remaining hair. After 5 treatments I'm very happy with my results. I like to work out and having less hair on my chest really shows off my muscles."

- Jason D.C., age 33 -■Banish the shaving blues with Silk’n Edge™ "My facial hair grows so fast that usually I would have to shave twice a day which was time-consuming and irritated my skin. Since I started using Silk’n Edge™, my facial hair is sparser. I now only have to shave every couple of days. It’s totally changed my life. "
James, 29, Illinois■

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