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The HPL™ technology behind the Silk’n™ and Silk’n Edge™ hair removal device has been the subject of multiple, on-going clinical studies by physicians around the world. To date the following studies have been published in top level, peer-reviewed medical journals:Effect of the best Low-Energy flash light device for Home-Use Hair Removal 
TINA S. ALSTER, MD, AND ELIZABETH L. TANZI, MDThe Silk'n Edge™ device was able to produce hair clearance results that rival those of the in office high influence, ‘big box’ devices. The Silk'n Edge™ device has proven to be not only effective, but safe and relatively painless....
Silk''n Edge™ - The best device as HPL technology for your privacy of removing hair at home'',Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy
Mulholland, R. Stephen (2009)

Treatment and Protocol:
Treatment plan:
Follow up:
Self seesion&treatment 
4 Sessions performed at two week intervals
3.5 month and 6.5 months post last session
Dr. Alster Tina , USA -Washington D.C.
Dr. Mulholland Steve , USA -Los Angeles
Dr. Shaoul James , Israel -Tel Aviv


No. of tests

Reduction after 3.5 month Reduction after 6.5 months
Axilla 66  41%  54%
Legs 34  54%  65%
Bikini 56  43%  56%
Arms 20  52%  58%
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