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1. Does Silk'n Edge™ efficient?

2. how to bypass the pulses power levels beyond "Level One"? 
3. Where on my body can I use Silk’n Edge™
4. Is Silkn Edge™ recommended for facial use?

6. What's the best way to maximize the sessions results?
7. Does Silk’n Edge™ hurt? 
8. How often should I do the Silk’n Edge™ treatment?
9. Is Silk’n Edge™ efficient on blond/grey/white hair?
10. Is it ok to use Silk’n Edge™ on dark skin?
11. When will I achieve the results?
12. Are there any side effects after using Silk’n Edge™
13. Can a woman use Silk’n Egde™
14. How come my hair still grows, even after my last treatment?
16. Why can’t I start the treatment if I have a suntan? 
17. does the Silkn has any warnings ?
18. Is Silk’n Edge™ suitable for using for long time?
19. When or how often shell I change the lamps? 
20. Where on my face I can use Silk’n Edge™ to remove hair? 
21. Can I  expose my skin to the sun after using Silk’n Edge™?
22. What to do before using Silk’n Edge™?
23. Do I have to protect my eyes when treating with Silk’n Edge™ ?
24. What is the right way to use the Silk'n near the lips?
25. Is it ok to pull my hairs out when the treatment is finish? 
26. Can I finish full legs treatment with Silk’n Edge™ in one hour? 

1. Is Silk'n Edge™ successful? 
Yes. Our experts team and some top doctors complete medical tests , Silk’n Edge™ was found to achieve incredibly efficient, long-lasting hair removal. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. How do I get past Level One energy level? 
For safety purposes, Silk'n Edge™ is programmed to work for the first 49 flashes it uses at a low power level, the next 199 flashes can get up to level 3. To alter these settings to manually press and hold "+" and "-" buttons together till you hear 2  "bips" .
We recommend that you begin your first Silk'n Edge™ hair removal treatment at the low power level. Later on if you feel ok select the next energy level up for the next treatment, you can do the same for every following treatment. back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3. Which parts of body can be treated with Silk’n Edge™
The Silk’n Edge™ device was made specially for male body solution which covers all common spots such as shoulders, chest and back. Silk’n Edge™ can also be used on the face from the cheek downwards. you must take extra care when treating areas on the face to avoid flashes in the eyes and on lips. . back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4. On the website I see that it's ok to use Silk'n Edge™ on the face but my brochure shows that it's not recommended. what's right for me to do? 
According to two years worth of research data we can confirm that Silk'n Edge™ is safe to use on the face below the cheeks. We are reprinting the manual to explain how the change is taking place. We are sorry if you receive an old manual. if you send us your email we can send the new manual file. back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6. How to get the best from my treatment?Make sure that the skin is clean and shaved - NO WAXING.
Move to higher pulse levels  after testing each body area on the lowest pulse setting you should increase the pulse level. for the safety precaution the system automatically provides all first 49 flashes at level 1. To alter the power level press "-" and "+" till you hear 2 bips.
Carry out sessions in at least two week intervals. You are likely to find that the results take place after 3-4 sessions. back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

7. Does the Silk’n Edge™ treatment hurt? 
While using correctly, most men that have used Silk’n Edge™ feel a slight as it flash. Men with thick or dark hair might feel a little extra discomfort, it stops once the session is over, and after it decreases for any further session as their are less hairs. Silk’n Edge™ has five pulse levels which can be used by to your skin sensitivity. back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

8. How frequently to use Silk’n Edge™? 
Silk’n Edge™ treatments should be carried out every 2 weeks for first 3-4 tratments. After 3.5 months of sessions full results should be achieved.  back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is Silk’n Edge™ efficient on blond/grey/white hair?
Silk’n Edge™ Sessions work better on dark hair which has more melanin. This is the pigmentation that brings hair and skin its tone, and will affect by light power. Dark brown or black are most affected, even though light brown and brown hair will also affected. but might need more sessions.  back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10. Should I useSilk’n Edge™ on dark skin? 
Never use Silk'n Edge™ on natural dark skin. Silk'n Edge™ removes hair according to quantities of hair pigment and pigment in all over your skin. Most types of pigmentation, a particular on people skin,  is related to the skin type and determines the risk that they have when using Silk'n Edge™. Light treatment on dark skin tone can cause some effects such as blister, burn or skin color changes. All other laser and IPL devices have 100% same effect on natural dark skin top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

11. How soon can I see the effects of Silk’n Edge™? 
As with any laser hair removal device, results are not instant, and you might think nothing has been achieved at all. Most men notice significant change after 4 sessions. With every session, you have to increase the pulse level. Patience and consistency is important during the hair removal treatment -  hairs can grow back after each treatment, but generally after 2 weeks a lot of the hair will just fall out. . 
back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12. What will be the adverse effects after using Silk’n Edge™? 
Side effects will not be common when Silk'n Edge™ treatment goes by the user guide. Read the manual guid carefully before starting the furst session. . back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

13. Do woman use Silk’n Edge™
Yes, Silk'n Edge™ is also designed for woman use back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

14.  I treated my hair a few days ago, why does it continue to grow? 
It is typical that hair still growing up to 2-3 weeks following the Silk'n Edge™ session. This is well known and happened up to 2-3 weeks, then you’ll notice that these hair simply drop or come out easily by pulling it out. (Pulling out hairs is not recommended) It's common that some spots of hair at the earliest stage of growth, are not yet treated by the Silk'n Edge™ flashes but they will be tackled in the next few sessions. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

15. Will my hair grows back thinner or lighter after treatment? 
This occurrence is well known amongst physicans using light hair removal machines. It happened that some hair grows back light and thinner after a Silk’n Edge™ session.  back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

16. Is it possible to self-treat even with a suntan? 
It is strongly advised NOT to use Silk’n Edge™ after exposure to the sun ! Newly tann skin, has large amount of Melanin which expose your skin to a higher proportion of adverse side effects after using Silk'n Edge™, or any laser device. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

17. Does the Silkn Edge has any warnings ?
Silk’n Edge™ was designed for safety use, but due to some factors your treatment might limit your ability with the device. In order o understand these factors, please read the Silk’n Edge™ manual and warnings. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

18. Is Silk’n Edge™ suitable for using for long time?
Using IPL or laser devices in cosmetic medicine was investigated for more than 14 years and published in professional magazines and by reputable companies like Mayo Clinic. These magazines and companies didn't report of any side effects or damage after using light or laser devices. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

19. When or how often shell I change the lamps?  
The Silkn cartridge lasts for approximately 750 pulses, which can cover a few body parts, or provide several sessions on the chest and sholders only, underarms only etc. Light signals on the Silk'n Edge™ indication panel can warn you before you are about to reach the flashes limit. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

20. Does Silk’n Edge™ remove my facial hair? 
Silk’n Edge™ is ok to use on facial hair removal anywhere below the cheeks line. Extra care should be taken to prevent the flashes near or on the eyes. As for more body parts, you should take extra caution to prevent exposure to the sun before & after Silk’n Edge™ treatments fro minimum three weeks before Beginning and after ending the session. back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

21. Can I  expose my skin to the sun after using Silk’n Edge™?
It is recommended to wait three to four weeks after exposure to sun before any session with Silk’n Edge™. For further queries about sun and side effect after exposure feel free to contact our technical team. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

22. What to do before using Silk’n Edge™?
Before any Silk’n Edge™ treatment, prevent exposure to the sun for minimum 14 days. Use sunscreen (SPF 50+) or clothing to cover the area you wish to treat. Treated area for treatment should be clean with water and soap, you should also shave the hair before using. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

23. How can I protect my eyes while using Silk’n Edge™? 
No eye protection is required when using Silk’n Edge™,  the device was made by a special safety mechanism which only targets hair when the tip of the device comes firmly into contact with the skin. You can actually see some of the pulses along the head sides on the treated area, but it's ok , and seem like flash from a camera. back to top  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

24. What is the right way to use the Silk'n near the lips?
Avoid using Silk'n Edge™ close to your lips, your lip colour is dark compare to your skin. They might therefore absorb extra flash and which can cause adverse side effect. For treating near lip area, try using a white medical band on your lip for protection. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

25. Can I pull hair out? 
No, it's better to have the hair naturally fall out . This can take around two weeks. back to top --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

26. What length should a Silk’n Edge™ treatment be? 
This depends on the size of the area treated. A back will take around 25 minutes, or a moustache would take around 5-15 min. As Silk’n Edge™is electrically powered, you are free to use it as much as necessary to achieve desired results. back to top

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