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Silkn edge  - Our first user - dose silkn edge really work?

Many of you don't like spending out thousands of Euro every year for laser hair removal. Worse yet, less money on wax treatments which are more painful, or shaving legs every few days to keep them silky smooth, just to have them get stubbly again 14 hours later. I recently had the privilege to try the Silk'n Edge as the new men home solution which is long term hair removal portable device.
I wasn’t sure about the Silk’n Edge and saw it as anything that claims to remove hair for long term like any of these hair removal machines at the clinics and that was designed for home use. So I bought one and went to check it.
Silk'n Edge has a great FDA reputation (just like the Silk’n and the SensEpil) it’s FDA approved, as long term hair removal machine just like the laser hair removal device for men and women, so I knew I can feel safer. I have to say that the Silk’n Edge is handy. I would compare it to other hair removal device, comparing it’s size and efficiency.
I opened the Silk'n Edge box, plugged it to the lead, watched the attached DVD and read the instructions, It’s safe and recommended to read the Silk’n user guide and watch the DVD for safety reasons. 
Does Silk’n Edge work? After reading Silkn reviews from all over the world I did my first treatment. Not much have changed but after the 4th sessions (for most people) removing unwanted hair looks much easier than I though. 
Each Silk'n Edge light- lamp is designed to have minimum 750 pulses or more. I have to tell all our readers that I didn't count each flash but the Silk’n Edge laser machine truly knocked my hair away. Silkn can be use now for treating facial hair.
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