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Silkn edge is the first hair removal for men - 
Now you can use iy on your face and say goodbye for shaving.

Actually when you think about it or when you decide to check it you’ll find that silkn edge is the one and the only long term hair removal for men. There are many shavers for men but silkn edge is well known as The dedicated hair removal for men. It was designed for men and was tested on men hair.

Silkn edge brings the best results for men. After the third treatment you can already see the difference, less hair is growing back and it’s easy to pull out the left over hair.
Now men can also stop shaving their beard, silkn edge can be used on face. Just think about it, you wake up in the morning and you don’t need to shave. This is revolution in hair removal for men, save time and feel the new smooth morning coming!
Silkn can be use now for treating facial hair.

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